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Beloved Kuzu~Asch and Luke

Or how Mr. Personality really does love the Cutely Stupid One

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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to Beloved Kuzu, a LiveJournal community dedicated to the Tales of the Abyss pairing of Asch and Luke. Yes, that means yaoi/shonen ai, and other interesting kinks if you really want to get right down to it. Here you are welcome to post anything Asch and Luke related: fanfics, art, icons, manips, links, and other miscellaneous chatter. Platonic related items between the two are perfectly acceptable, as are stuff about them on their own.

Made by Solerika


1. LJ-Cut posts that contain images and/or longer fics.
Larger images and posts with multiple images should always be cut. You are allowed to have a few thumbnails (about the size of lj user icons), but please nothing larger than that. Fics that exceed 500 words should be cut.
1a. It's also generally a good idea to put some type of informative header when posting ficcage. Something like the following:
Title: The title of your fic~
Author: Who you are~
Characters: What all characters make an appearance in your fic~
Pairings: This one should be a no-brainer, frankly, I don't think it's necessary unless there are other pairings included~
Genre: Drama, Angst, Comedy, Blahblahblah etc.
Rating: G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17
Summary: OMG, what's your fic about? D:

2. Label and LJ-Cut NC-17 posts.
NC-17 fics and pics are allowed, but should always be labeled properly and cut.

3. Don't post something that's not yours.
If you want to share a fic or pic that isn't yours, please just give a link to it along with credit for its creator(s). DO NOT post it if it's not yours.

4. Off Topic
Off topic Tales of the Abyss chatter is allowed, but try to make your posts have some relation to Asch and Luke. It's what the community is here for after all.

5. Other Pairings
Other pairings are okay! No, really. AschxGuyxLuke seems to be something of a win for some people, after all. Other pairings are perfectly acceptable as long as there's some Asch/Luke love, in one form or another, in it.

6. Bashing
Your likes and dislikes are a-okay with us. Bashing other fans for their likes and dislikes, however, is not acceptable. Be excellent to each other! And keep that inner, frothy fanbeast to a minimum, please. Otherwise, we'll have to break out our inner Asch, and trust us, the results will not be pretty.

All shall love and despairappreciate aefallen.
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